In this extremely popular and well researched eBook, Dr. Blake Haan delves into the inner workings of your brain so you can learn:

  • How Migraines and other Headaches frequently develop
  • Highly successful treatments most people don't even know exist
  • What most doctors miss

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About the Author
Dr. Blake Haan of Haan Family Chiropractic in Huxley Iowa has helped thousands of people over the past 20 years find relief from Migraines and other Headaches through his educational resources and clinic.

Dr. Blake Haan
Clinic Director, Haan Family Chiropractic

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Common Internal Causes

The mechanical causes in the body involved with Migraines and other Headaches. Chemical causes are not as common as you think.

External Triggers


The top external triggers of Migraines and other Headaches, including many hidden triggers. Learn how to avoid flare-ups.

The 3 Brain Highways


The 3 main types of communication between the head and spine. Disrupt one and another part of your body may suffer.

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